Our HR Policy and Applications

Human resources policy of our establishment is to be the preferable institution by the qualified workforce through fair, transparent applications that is based on continuous developments and to support our competitive capacity and our corporate success by managing the talents in our organisation in the best possible form.

Acquisition of the Qualified Workforce

Job applications coming in through different sources such as internet site, e-mail, recommendation of our company employees or of consultancy companies are scrupulously evaluated within the framework of confidentiality principles in order to fill vacant positions.

Acquisition of the candidates for our establishment, who full fill the requirements of the sought positions following the one to one and group interviews and the evaluations performed through tests and schedules in line with the position requirements, is aimed.

Performance Management

Performance management system is based on the development of capabilities of our employees and on the integration of individual objectives with that of the establishment.

The value put forward by our employees is processed with regards to the common aims and objectives of our establishment and the successful performances are awarded in the ratio of the value they contribute over to the establishment.

Capability Management

Career plans and development programs are composed and pursued in order to ascertain our employees who has high level of potential, to provide required information, ability and professional development opportunities for them and to prepare persons for duties that require more responsibilities.

Remuneration Management

The remuneration management in our establishment is based on determining the salaries with regards to education levels of our employees, on the capabilities they possess, on the degree and value of the work that is set as the result of the job evaluation for each of the duties, the market value of the duties our employees conduct after the performance and potential of the establishment have been evaluated.